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Pictures to Color is a portable freeware to retrieve the color palette from pictures. You might want to get the colors that exist in harmonious pictures or photos of nature that have a natural color scheme and use it as the color theme of your graphic or web design. This software helps you to get colors and displays the color values that are ready to copy and paste in your design program.

Pictures to Color is handy and easy to use, open an image file or drag an image file from the explorer. Major picture format are supported even png and psd. This program will detect and display the color palette of the picture. You can select particular colors in the pallete. The selected color will be displayed in various color values: HEX, RGB, HSB / HSV, HSL. If you are accustomed in designing then you are familiar with these color values.

Pictures to Color Screenshot

While designing a graphic design or a website, click on the color palette the color you want to use and then click the copy button, and click the color value you want to copy. The color value will copied on to clipboard. Next, in your design software, paste in the appropriate place and you have to get the color.

If you want to keep the color palette from a picture and click the Export button. The program will store these colors into HTML document.

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Current Version: 1.0

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